About Me

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I’m an assistant editor and marketer for a premier evangelical publisher, a writer, a speaker, and an ecumenical Christian shaped by my current tradition of Catholicism as well as my Evangelical upbringing. I’m grateful for and learn from both traditions. Apart from my Catholic-Evangelical background, I’m most informed by Franciscan spirituality and theology, my enneagram ONE-ness, gender equality, reading Buddhism as a Christian, and a chosen commitment to building bridges in my interactions with others. I desire to be a compassionate voice for contemplation and spiritual transformation—something I desperately need in my own life.

I love reading the mystics, politics and culture, holding babies, and laughing because it makes me much less serious. I live in Wheaton, Illinois—what I affectionately call the “Evangelical Vatican”—a place at first confusing and then difficult and now wonderful.

Who I am on paper:

I earned a BA in Philosophy, Political Science, International Studies, and German from Hope College in Holland, MI. Yes, it was a lot. No, I would not recommend it.

I studied theology at Loyola University Chicago Graduate School and am currently enrolled in the Living School for Action and Contemplation, an ecumenical Christian formation program that focuses on the Christian mystical tradition and contemplative practice.

My work has been published in Christianity Today, Leadership Journal, PARSE blogManagingYourChurch.com, and Soulation.

If you’d like to connect or share ideas, see my contact page.

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